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Positive Reviews  = Increase Revenue

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Positive reviews have become one of the most important ways for businesses to capture customers online especially in the service industry. Word to mouth marketing has always been the most effective way to gain more customers. Market research suggests that 92% of customers today base purchase decisions on recommendations and reviews that they find online. That is a staggering number and signifies just how important reviews have become in terms of influencing sales.

Marketing Game Changer -  Buyers Trust Online Reviews…

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Online reviews also help drive more traffic to your website, and in turn more leads and sales. Even if your competitors outrank you in Google, users will be more likely to visit your website and enquire about your products and services when they can see your business has a significantly better reputation.

Laying the Right Foundation 

The Game Of Online Marketing Just Changed… To give 5-star companies the advantage. The “Reputation Marketing” field has evolved from the marriage of the fields of Reputation Management and Brand Marketing. Reviews give you pre-qualified presold leads because buyers trust reviews, that is why reputation should underpin all your marketing efforts.

MTC-reputation-marketing-1 Reputation Marketing

Online Reputation Marketing is an essential component of any business as it influences customer perception and buying habits. With such intense online competition, customers have become more and more skeptical when it comes to purchasing items from unknown websites or channels. Reviews, testimonials, certification, and awards all add to a person’s or an organisation’s reputation and credibility.

Does your business have a good online reputation? Find out your reputation score instantly!

In order to build and market a 5-Star Reputation online you’ll need to follow these 4 steps;

  1. Claim all Your Directory  Listings & Develop a 5-Star Reputation
    - Get 5-star reviews on all of the important and relevant local review sites and business directories
  2. Control & Manage your 5-Star Reputation
    - monitor your reputation and quickly respond to any bad reviews, prevent bad reviews from getting online using a smart filtering solution
  3. Market your 5-Star Reputation
    - integrate your 5-star reviews into your sales process as well as all of your online and offline marketing
  4. Create a 5-Star Reputation Culture
    - educate and inspire your staff to collect reviews and further enhance your 5-star reputation

Control Your Reviews  –  Smart Filtering Technology

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We have an unfair advantage when building reviews, it’s our propriety posting system.  When someone fills out that review page with a positive review, we’ll automatically forward them to Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages, and any other sites to simply copy and paste that review online for the whole world to know what a great business you have and great customer service you’ve got. If they leave a bad review, 3 stars or less it will automatically direct them to an internal page so your customer services can deal with them.

Building A Five Star Reputation, And Then Market, Your Reputation To Get More Customers. 

In today’s digital world people’s purchase decisions are significantly influenced by what they research and read online. It’s now clear that in order to build credibility and trust with your prospective customers you need to have a 5-star online reputation! Your reputation impacts all of your marketing including referrals. We define reputation marketing as building a five-star reputation and then market your reputation to get more customers.

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It’s our 3 step reputation marketing approach.  We manage your reputation, we build you a five-star reputation, and then market that respected reputation to get more customers.

Reputation-Management-3-Step Reputation Marketing

Step 1 – Manage Reputation

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Fix Directory Listings & Citations

  • Setup Monitoring & Alerts
  • Fix Directory Listings & Citations (As identified in the Reputation Report)
  • Business Listings Claimed (As identified in the Reputation Report)
  • Create New Listings in 15+ Online Directories

Citations & Listing Optimizations

  • Listing Optimisation with Images, Videos, Categories, Description, Opening Hours
  • Create New Business Local Citations 15+ Sites

Step 2 – Build Reputation

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Building Services – 5 Star System Sign Up, Client CRM

  • Clients Feedback CRM
  • Clients Feedback Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Smart Feedback Routing (Bad Review Filtering)
  • Mobile Site & Sign In Page
  • Employee Training Center
  • Design of Review Cards via our Media Center

Building Services – 5 Star System Sign Up, Client CRM

  • 24/7 Proactive Monitoring & Alerting
  • Multi-Location Monitoring
  • Negative Review Response
  • Positive Review Response
  • Review Notification Email Alerts

Step 3 – Market Reputation

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 360° Market Domination

  • Professional Designed Images via Our Media Center
  • Monthly 60 Sec. Video Commercials
  • Website/Blog Positive Review Marketing
  • Social Media Positive Review Marketing
  • Image Positive Review Marketing
  • Video Positive Review Marketing
  • Video Syndication & SEO
  • Reputation Marketing Analytics
  • Social Media Reputation Covers

lets-get-started-300x110 Reputation Marketing

lets-get-started-300x110 Reputation Marketing

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